Best Optional Extras For Your Car

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 346 / News 2020
Best Optional Extras For Your Car
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It’s great being in a position to either buy a new used car or upgrade your old car for a newer model. Here at Best Price Car Sales we can offer some guidance and plant some seeds in the optional extras that are available. A lot of the time we tend to forget about what extras we can ask for and only once you’re driving your new used car, will you realise that you actually wanted cruise control and you haven’t got it.

Here is a list of things to help remind you of what’s available on the market.

Leather upholstery
Always considered as one of the stand out features associated with luxury for your car. Not only is it hard wearing but easy to clean and maintain, plus it looks great. Normally always comes with a multitude of colour variants. A must have if you like that classy feel inside your newly purchased used car.

Reversing Camera
Without a doubt, this feature is probably one of the most popular optional features for new cars nowadays. The reversing camera makes life so much easier when reversing in tight spots and the ease of use normally depends on the quality of the camera, so before you purchase, check how the camera displays whilst reversing.

A car insurance company’s dream, this feature can also lower your premiums in some cases. But the peace of mind is, if you are involved in any road traffic incident, then the dashcam is a great tool to back your case. (if you’re in the right)

Satellite Navigation
This is an easy one to remember now, and it’s normally fitted as standard in most cars. Better to have it built-in into the car, and not having to rely on either your smartphone or the other devices that are available on the market.

Cruise Control
Life is so much easier when you are driving along on the motorway and feel like resting your legs, having cruise control is definitely a great optional extra to have. The newer versions have radar detection, so your car will constantly monitor a safe distance between you and the car in front. Another worthwhile feature to think about.

Heated Seats / Heated Steering Wheel
Sometimes completely forgotten about if buying a new used car in the spring and summer months, but you will soon shake your head in despair in the winter months, after you’ve just scraped a shed load of ice from your windscreen and windows, and you feel like somethings missing. Yes, it’s having your body and hands warmed in a matter of seconds.


At Best Price Car Sales, we sell only good quality used cars and used vans. When we select our stock, we try to make sure they come with as many additional features as possible, so we can give our customers a good selection and choice when purchasing our used cars. If we don’t have the additional features you have asked for in stock, we will happily source for you by using our nationwide network of the best car suppliers in the UK.

We also offer free UK delivery to your home or place of work. You are then able to fully inspect the vehicle, test drive it and only once you are happy with everything, will you make payment. We provide the option to pay either cash, bank transfer or instant car finance.

For more information, please contact our friendly advisors on 02382 544 186 or for instant car finance approval, click here now.


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