Best looking cars of 2020

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 435 / News 2021
Best looking cars of 2020
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There’s nothing better than owning a car where you can just sit by your window or front porch and spend a few minutes gazing at it. Or find yourself taking whatever opportunity you have whilst driving to take a peek at your beautiful car in every suitable reflection that comes along.

Range Rover Velar
First up on the list is an unlikely contender, but take a look at the Range Rover Velar, it’s simply a stunning piece of 4×4 machinery and has been much lauded for its sleek, menacing, and stylish appearance. This SUV offers its drivers a very powerful and thrilling experience when driving and comes packed to the brim for standard high end specs.

BMW Z4 Roadster
Through the years the BMW Z4 Roadster has had many refinements and changes. One of the biggest changes is the hard roof convertible and now to save on weight it’s gone back to the canvas roof, which in my mind, looks even better. The front grill has a much tougher looking design and believe me, if you park this outside your office, you’ll be asking to move to the window next to the car park. The car’s performance also matches the large alloys and sexy, sporty appearance, so don’t worry, you can most likely match the majority of convertibles overall on the road.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
As always, the Alfa Romeo is on a list for either one of the sexiest, best looking, or gorgeous cars categories. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has just thrown its hat in the ring with the amazing looking specimen of a motor car. This particular model has been described as being the epitome of ‘meaningful beauty’ as quoted by its designers and creators. Not only does this car offer beauty, but also it’s a joy to drive, and this is a car that will get a second glance whenever you take to the wheel.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe
Over the years, we have regularly associated Jaguar cars with sleek and eye catching designs. The latest Jaguar F-Type Coupe does not let us down. This is another car that has arresting looks matched by a top class performance on the road. Don’t use the next bit as evidence, but you’ll be guaranteed to get a lot of enviable, and desirable glances when it’s parked or with you looking exceedingly cool, cruising in it behind the wheel.

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