Best Haunted UK Places To Visit

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Best Haunted UK Places To Visit
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As Halloween approaches, it’s time for haunted nights of fun and terror. Let’s take you on a tour of the best places to go in the UK. This list is not for the faint-hearted. Alright, it is really but who knows, you could be the first person to witness a real paranormal phenomenon.

Berry Pomeroy Castle
Once a grand medieval castle situated on the outskirts of the town of Totnes in Devon. The castle is now mere;y a shell but still eerily scary to look at from the outside. Even worse to view at night, when lit up in a spooky way for more dramatic effect.

An audiobook supplied by the English Heritage takes you on a haunted journey around the ruins to immerse you fully in the horrors and history of the castle. It is said to be haunted by several ghosts with evil intentions with visitors and passersby.

Hampton Court Palace
Out of all the haunted venues, Hampton Court Palace is probably the best known from its world famous maze and highly maintained grounds. The palace is over 500 years old and houses many evil ghouls, and ghosts who are known to give spine-tingling experiences for the most hardened ghost hunter or adventurous visitor. There’s been many sightings of strange visions, one being that of Jane Seymour, one of the wives of Henry The VIII.

Chillingham Castle
Is a world renowned castle for its ghost stories and hauntings in the 19th century. The castle is also very popular for filming TV and movies because of its ornate and eerie interior and exterior. One famous ghost has been seen begging for water in the castle’s pantry. And the most famous ghost is of a ‘ blue boy’ who haunts the Pink Room of the castle. The castle is situated in Chillingham in Northumberland.

Highgate Cemetery
This cemetery located in Highbury London is rumoured to be haunted by such ghosts like Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and many more well-known names. The ground has been known to hold occult gatherings to worship the dead and other such satanic gods. Only venture there at night at your own peril.

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