Best Emergency Kits For Cars And Vans

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Best Emergency Kits For Cars And Vans
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In most vehicles these days, the car or van manufacturer fits as standard an emergency kit. Normally consists of bandages, plasters, micro scissors, and gauze. When it comes to buying a used car or used van, there may be incidents where there’s no kit at all or the previous owners of the vehicles have removed it. If you will be travelling to Europe, it is also important to note that many European countries have laws that require you to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times.

So now is the time to buy an emergency kit, which will be used to cover most eventualities. These are also handy for offices, homes and construction sites, etc.

The Best First Aid Kit To Buy
The best car kit to buy, based on reviews and testimonials is the AA Car Essentials Emergency Winter Car Kit. The box contains 1 x Folding Snow Shovel 1 x Emergency Foil Blanket 1 x 9-LED Torch 1 x High Visibility Vest (EN471 approved) 1 x Rain Poncho 1 x Pair of Snow & Ice Grips 1 x Booster Cables (3m length, vehicles up to 2500cc). This product retails from £24.99. The only thing about is, it doesn’t contain a medical kit, which will have to be purchased as an additional add-on for the standard kit, containing 220 premium quality items, ranging from plasters, scissors, bandages, antiseptic towels, safety pins, and the list goes on and on.

It’s common to find on most construction sites, this standard kit called the First Aid Construction Bundle. Because of the greater risk of working on a site, in most cases for insurance, emergency services will be called, so the kits supplied, believe it or not, are not substantial.

The bundle complies with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines for all UK construction sites.

Ideal to keep in a particular on-site area designated for treatment
First aid kit suitable for workplaces with 11-20 people (dependent on risk assessment)
The poster provides advice on specific first aid scenarios on a construction site
1 x A2 First Aid For Construction Poster
2 x 500ml Sterile Saline Eyewash
1 x HSE 20 Person Kit In Economy Box
1 x 300 x 400mm First Aid Sign
Peace Of Mind When You Are Out And About
If you go into any retail outlet, shopping mall, petrol station, supermarket, there will always be an emergency kit to hand. It’s handy to remember if you’re ever in a predicament on the high street and you’re in need of a plaster, bandage or antiseptic application or any first aid in general, you’ll be pleased to know that wherever you are, you’ll be minutes away from first aid assistance.

Here at Best Price Car Sales, where we sell used cars and used vans, we also ensure that all our locations comply with the health and safety regulations, and all premises have up to date first aid kits, to hand for our staff and especially for our customers too. Because you never know.

To learn more about our great finance deals for used cars and used vans, call us on 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors today.


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