Best Cars For 2020

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Best Cars For 2020
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It’s always fun reading which cars have been picked by consumers as the overall best cars in their class. It’s not only an interesting read but it really helps in choosing your next car too. Even if you don’t choose the same exact model, if you know the make has been highly rated, it’s a good chance you’re buying a good car based on the manufacturer’s reputation alone.

Let’s See Who The Winners Are
The following categories voted by you the consumer.

Best City Cars
All the winners in this category are considered the easiest to drive and park in built up areas which are classed as cities. Another aspect would be fuel efficiency to cope with heavy congestion start/stop traffic. The city car winners are also competitively priced too, giving the owners great value for money.

The three best city cars winners for 2020 are the Toyota Aygo, and VW Up.

Best Small Cars
Even though they are described as small cars, they are slightly bigger than city cars. Also, we’d say a better drive and more spacious inside. Be aware, it’s also the smaller cars which in general have a lower safety rating than most of the other class of cars.

All these cars have been voted a pleasure to drive, and low overhead costs.

The best small car winners are; Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra, and Vauxhall Corsa.

Best Medium Cars
The top medium cars are measured on comfort, reliability, and spaciousness.  In short, all the cars in this class are found to be great all rounders and the best in class on overall performances for these types of cars.

The best medium car winners are; Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Hyundai i30, and VW Golf.

Best Large Cars
Now we have the ultimate in long distance cruisers, these are the cars which puts comfort first, great lumbar support. The best suspensions for dealing with your average potholes or difficult road surfaces. And of course, plenty of space in the front and back. The engines in these types of cars will be enough to get you out of trouble, as well as being able to have a little fun too.

The winners of the best large cars are;

Ford Mondeo, Skoda Octavia and Tesla Model 3.

Best Estate Cars
Why do we like estate cars so much? Probably because it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to massive boot space and comfort. The three winners in our selection, all have been rated as great drives, and engines are designed for pulling trailers and caravans due to their engine torques.

The winners of the best estate cars are; Mercedes C-Class estate, Skoda Superb estate, and Volvo V90.

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