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Best car insurance companies in the UK

30/10/2021 / Comments 1 / 274 / News 2021
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As one of the busiest family-run used car dealerships in the UK, Best Price Car Sales sell hundreds of used cars a month and often gets asked for recommendations on getting car insurance by prospective customers. Unfortunately, the answer our customers generally get from our advisors is to shop around or to try a comparison car insurance website.

We decided to do some market research and list the best car insurance companies in the UK for 2021 based on the level of coverage, the customer experience ratings, and the packages they offer.

Each car insurance company we have listed will firstly have the following in their standard portfolio to qualify in our recommendation.

New car replacement (if your car is written off)

Windscreen repair/replacement cover (excess no more than £25)

Minimum £500 key lost cover

Supply of courtesy car while your car is repaired

The top 3 recommendations

The three most highly rated car insurance companies currently in the UK, based on all the above criteria and overall customer experience, are as follows. (in no particular order)

John Lewis Finance

Direct Line 


The best of the rest

The following car insurance companies are all very good, but not as outstanding as the top 3 in our opinion only. They all still passed the minimum criteria in order to qualify for this selection and recommendation.

Admiral (Offer a £50 Amazon voucher when taking their car insurance)

Sainsbury’s car insurance

Lloyds Bank Car insurance


Churchill car insurance

What’s a good car insurance policy?

Obviously, all reasonable car insurance policies will cover you and your car from a legal standpoint. It’s what covered as extra benefits are the key points to look out for, such as the following:

Levels of excess – Is dependent on the policy and insurance company you are with. Excess is the extra amount you have to pay towards a claim that’s made before your insurance company covers the balance as stated in the policy, or after an assessment has been finalised.

Windscreen excess cover (yes/no) – On most cheaper policies you will have to pay an extra excess towards the cost of repair or replacement of your windscreen. The top insurance companies this cover is included as standard, without any excess or extras to be paid out before the windscreen is fixed or replaced.

Driving any other car – It’s a known fact that if you take out comprehensive insurance, you immediately assume you are legally entitled to drive other people’s cars. This is not always the case on cheaper policies, so always read and understand  the terms of your policy before attempting to drive other people’s cars.

Accelerated no-claims – This is becoming more and more popular with car insurance companies as a way of keeping their customers for a further 12 months. How it works is, if you have a 12-month contract, by using the accelerated no-claims option, after 10 months you will get your no-claims discount, rather than waiting for an additional 2 more months. This can work to your advantage if you want to continue with the same company but will not help if you are planning to shop around for a new quote with other companies.

What we can do to help you

For all our new customers who have just purchased a new used car from our stock of 1000s of quality used cars, Best Price Car Sales, who are based in Southampton, will give you a free no-obligation 5 day, fully comprehensive car insurance. This will then give you 5 days to shop around and decide on the best car insurance quote which is suitable for you. This free 5-day car insurance will start the moment you either leave our showroom or take ownership of the car once it has been delivered to your home or place of work, and it’s all absolutely free of charge.

To find out more about our current offers and deals, call us now on 02382 549 222 and speak with one of our friendly advisors, or if you are looking to pay on installments with no deposit, click here and get instant approval with one of our many specialist car lenders today. Best Price Car Sales is a licenced credit broker.


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