Best Car Christmas Presents Ideas

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 359 / News 2020
Best Car Christmas Presents Ideas
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We all struggle this time of year for Christmas stocking present ideas for friends, work colleagues, and family. Then we end up doing the manic buying, so the lucky recipient will probably get the standard, festive underwear, socks or the wolly Santa jumper.

At Best Price Car Sales, we have some festive ideas which we hope will aid you in getting some great gifts for stocking fillers or under the Christmas tree presents.

Man Crates
One of the ultimate gift sets are the Man Crates, they look great under the tree and even offer that sense of wonder and puzzlement before the lucky receiver opens it. These crates are filled with quality cleaning products, such as Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam auto wash, good quality wash mitt, three high grade microfibre towels and even a collapsible bucket, and finally a Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle. This is a great present, which if you can’t find in the shops, you can even put together yourself.

Driving Gloves
This present idea is normally for the more mature driver especially in winter, in keeping your hands warm against that cold steering wheel. But there’s nothing better than having a good pair of leather driving gloves in your car’s glove box, for the just in case scenarios.

Smartphone Dash Mount
This is also a must have idea, a universal smartphone holder for your car. How often do we put our phones in the central compartment and reach out for it? Having it secured in eye view will not only stop you from getting a ticket but in most times, keeps both your hands on the wheel to make driving safer.

Dash Cam
If you haven’t got one already, this is a probably the best Christmas present to buy your loved one. This product will give you peace of mind if you are ever involved in a road traffic incident and you need solid evidence to back you up with the car insurance companies. If you’re going to buy, we recommend getting 1080p HD Dash Cam, which will automatically save footage when a crash is detected.

A Jump Starter
Yes, we all buy the jumper cables and chuck them in the boot. When needed we pray that we’re in a place where we have a good samaritan kind enough to help you with a jump start, using their own vehicle. This great gift idea comes with cables and a powerpack, so you’re able to jump start your car without the need of relying on anyone else. Also they normally come with a  built-in flashlight and other great features too. A perfect Christmas present idea for any car owner.

We know this Christmas season will not be the same as the years before, but we hope we can all make the most of what’s been a very difficult year. This is probably one of the most important events for families, friends and work colleagues in the UK to try and celebrate the final days of a miserable 2020 and pray that 2021 will start to show seeds of normality once again in the New Year and beyond.

As a family run used car and used van business in the UK for over six years, we at Best Price Car Sales value unity and happiness for all and wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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