Best Advice On Maintaining Your New Car

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Best Advice On Maintaining Your New Car
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At Best Price Car Sales, we are proud to say, all the used cars and used vans we sell come fully HPI checked and mechanically inspected. Each vehicle is cleaned and prepped for sale which gives the peace of mind to our customer, knowing that we are selling high quality used cars with a full list of inspections to ensure all our customers are happy at the point of delivery or the point of sale on the forecourt.

Key Things To Do
In order to maintain the maximum longevity of your used car or used van, there are a few things that can be done to ensure that;

Tyre Pressure –  Must be maintained and checked at least once a month and changed according to the type of journey you are venturing on. For example; If you are always using your used car for urban use but decide to go on a long-distance motorway journey, the tyre manufacturer may indicate in their guidelines that you will need to inflate or deflate your tyres to achieve the best comfort, safety, and miles per gallon.

Oil – The first thing to check on every long journey you decide to undertake is a quick look under the bonnet for that dipstick and look at the level of oil your engine has inside, but also the colouration of it. But as a general rule of thumb, new, clean oil is amber in colour. It should also be clear when you pull out the dipstick. You’ll know when your car was last serviced by Best Price Car Sales because our cars normally come with a full service history.

Battery – You can normally tell when your battery’s about to go, there are slight indications you need to look for. Things like the car isn’t starting up on that first press of the button or turn of the key. Or if you turn off the engine and leave the lights on, you instantly see the car headlights dim a bit more than usual.

Air Filter – Sometimes overlooked, is the engine air filter. This vital component stops harmful debris, dirt and contaminants from entering your engine, which can make your engine less efficient and could also be damaging in the long run too.

Spark Plugs – Another key component which can sometimes be overlooked until it’s too late is the spark plugs. Old or faulty spark plugs can be the reason why your car is slow at acceleration or when you’re experiencing problems with starting the engine. Also, poor fuel efficiency, engine misfiring, can point towards the plugs not firing properly.

If you are looking for a used car and used van dealership that uses a comprehensive checklist before each car is sold, then look no further than Best Price Car Sales. Also bear in mind, all our vehicles come with full warranties which cover the cost of repairing any defects or malfunctions.

For more information on our used cars and used vans, please feel free to call 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors today.


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