We are probably all guilty of having driving habits whilst we are dr"> Bad habits that can damage your car – Best Price Car Sales & Finance

Bad habits that can damage your car

25/09/2021 / Comments 0 / 219 / News 2021
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We are probably all guilty of having driving habits whilst we are driving our cars and in most cases, we don’t even know we are doing a daily driving bad habit which can cause damage to your car and eventually cost you money.

Best Price Car Sales has put together some bad driving habits you should be made aware of and hopefully will help you identify how you actually drive your car and offer you ways of improvement.

Constantly dragging the brakes

This habit is constantly using the brakes to slow down when you are driving either downhill or motorway driving on a congested road. For driving downhill, it’s a good idea to use a lower gear and take strain off your brakes, plus it won’t cause them to overheat, thus requiring replacement in a much quicker timespan. If you are constantly dragging or touching the brakes on the motorway or dual carriageway, the best advice is to remember your braking distance, and this way you will be using the brakes when required and not constantly hovering and depressing the pedal.

Resting a hand on the gearshift lever

What you may not know is, by resting your hand on your gear shift lever, you are applying pressure on the collar and fork mechanism, causing friction, resulting in further unnecessary wear and tear. The advice is, only touch the gear lever when you actually are required to change gear and leave well alone if not needed.

Storing unnecessary items in the car

We have all been guilty of this, storing golf clubs, spare shoes, and other items not required to be in the car. These sorts of things all add weight to the car and make driving less economical. If you are ever going to move larger items in your car, always refer to your car’s owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations on tyre air pressure, so you don’t put too much stress on your suspension, drivetrain, and tyres.

Ignoring warning lights

When you ever get any warning light which you are unsure of, get it sorted asap. If you are uncertain of the urgency and your car still feels okay to drive, refer to your owner’s manual straightaway or take it to your mechanic. Leaving warning lights active for long periods, in most cases could make matters worse internally.

Over revving the engine when cold

The best advice is never to rev your car’s engine to get it to warm up quicker. By doing so puts more wear and tear on the engine. The process should be to start your car’s engine and to let it run normally for around 30 seconds. What’s also important is to forget about the myth that revving the engine more will heat the car quicker but in reality, just causes more long-term damage to the engine.

And the best advice overall

Not exactly impartial advice but it is truthful nevertheless. By purchasing your used car from Best Price Car Sales, you can be assured that you’ll get ongoing support from the time you have bought your used car from us. We offer all our customers a full warranty, free 5-day comprehensive insurance (to instantly get you on the road and driving, while you are shopping around for the best car insurance quotations) free nationwide delivery to your home or place of work, and a range of the best car finance options which will suit you and your credit or financial status. With our stock and access to 1000’s of used cars, we are surely able to find the right quality used car for you.

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