The best advice for your car this winter

177 / News 2021
image of 3 cars parked on the road covered in snow

As if we don’t have enough doom and gloom in the UK already, there’s been forecasts that the winter will be pretty severe in the next coming months. This will likely make driving conditions quite difficult and road and travel experts are warning motorists to be fully prepared for the winter ahead.

Best Price Car Sales has listed some useful tips to help you cope during the winter months and not to be caught out. 

Not only is it important to have a well-maintained car but it’s vital to do the usual tyre treads, air pressure, and anti-freeze checks, On top of that, there are a few additional things you should be aware of when it comes to storing things inside your car on these cold wintery nights.

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Christmas markets opening in 2021

219 / News 2021
image of a christmas market at night with snow

Unfortunately, we all know, this time last year the Christmas markets were cancelled and festive plans were put on hold. It didn’t really feel like Christmas in 2020 and the general consensus, with all the doom and gloom of the never-ending pandemic, the British public wasn’t much in the mood for celebrating it.

However, this season, Christmas markets in the UK are back and what a joy for the nation to have them return. It’s things like this that symbolize to all, the UK is back in business. 

Listed below are all the Christmas markets which are confirmed to be opened around the UK.

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Volvo makes stock market debut

244 / News 2021
image of a man stepping out of a volvo car

On Friday the 29th of October, the Swedish car company Volvo launched on the Stockholm stock exchange. This has now valued the car manufacturer in the region of £16 billion. Volvo is majority-owned by the Chinese firm Geely.

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Best car insurance companies in the UK

275 / News 2021
image of a hand holding a car inside a bubble

As one of the busiest family-run used car dealerships in the UK, Best Price Car Sales sell hundreds of used cars a month and often gets asked for recommendations on getting car insurance by prospective customers. Unfortunately, the answer our customers generally get from our advisors is to shop around or to try a comparison car insurance website.

We decided to do some market research and list the best car insurance companies in the UK for 2021 based on the level of coverage, the customer experience ratings, and the packages they offer.

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Best used hybrid cars in the UK

243 / News 2021
image of gold coloured car being charged

If you’re not quite ready to switch over to a full electric used car, it’s not a bad idea to consider a used hybrid car as a very good alternative until the charging stations infrastructure is fully laid out in the UK. A used hybrid car will mean it will run on a petrol-electric combination.

There are two types of hybrid cars to choose from, firstly there are the ‘self-charging’ models, which combine the petrol and electric power when driving to maximise the efficiency of the hybrid car model. Then you have the plug-in hybrids that can run for miles on electricity only and then when the battery power is low, the petrol engine will power up and take over.

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