Simple car care tips

61 / News 2022

Second, only to buy a home, the next biggest thing to be purchased is normally a car, so in order to cherish such a valuable asset in your possession, it pays to make sure you take care of it. Just by following some simple tips, you may be able to extend the life of your car and even give you a better chance of getting more money back if you happen to sell it when the time is right.

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Things you didn’t know could damage your car’s paint

77 / News 2022
rain water on a red car

With modern-day cars now on the road, you would be right in thinking that your car’s paintwork is immune to most things that can cause damage to it, but think again. Best Price Car Sales has put a list together of common causes out there that can affect or damage your car’s paintwork. Take heed of these warning pointers because this may come back to haunt you when it comes to selling your car or using it as part exchange.

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Increase in electric car sales, but still chip shortages

73 / News 2022
white electric car being charged at charging station

Some good news and bad news with regards to the electric car industry. For the year 2021, electric car sales had achieved more new car registrations than the previous five years combined, which is an astonishing achievement, considering the UK has been in the midst of a global pandemic. The bad news is that the UK market as a whole has failed to fully recover, again due to the Covid pandemic.

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Government grants cutbacks affect electric car subsidies

72 / News 2021

The government has announced plans to make further cuts in its grants for the purchase of electric cars. The confirmed dates will be from the 22nd of December, with the reduction of £1,000 from £2,500 to £1,500. This is for electric cars priced under £32,000 will be eligible. As stated by The Department of Transport, the reason for the change is to set aside more funding for more affordable cars. 

It was further announced that the government’s plug-in subsidy scheme has helped the purchase of nearly half a million cars over the past ten years. The British government also went on to add that, yes grants have been reduced over time, however sales of electric vehicles have grown, and reached record levels in 2021.

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Electric F1 not ready to be introduced yet

121 / News 2021

Formula One has always been known as the pioneer for new car technology and innovative ideas that eventually finds its way into the motor industry. As it stands now, the car industry is going green and heading towards the production and future of all-electric vehicles within the next decade.

But according to the outgoing President of the governing body of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Jean Todt expressed that, “it’s simply not possible.’’ The reason being, in Formula One, the racing distance is normally around 200 miles (305km). Based on the performance of the cars, driving an electric Formula One car will not allow this without the need to recharge during the race.

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