Are cars better than motorcycles?

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 391 / News 2020
Are cars better than motorcycles?
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It’s the age old argument and debate that has been going on for decades. What’s better, a car or a motorcycle? The key factors to ask for in this question are; is it for fun, commuting, or general purpose, and are you single, with a partner or have family responsibilities?

At Best Price Car Sales, we may seem a bit biased, as we only sell used cars and used vans, but in this case, we are weighing up the pros and cons and drawing an ethical conclusion. Either way, we don’t think anyone reading this will make a drastic decision but it’s good to know and there could be some takeaways from this that you haven’t thought about before.

Well, from a buyers’ point of view, owning a motorcycle is more cost effective than owning a car. The maintenance costs and fuel economy is better too. A motorcycle is cheaper to service and you will most definitely leave a smaller carbon footprint than driving a car. There are also a very few obvious advantages, such as darting in between traffic, parking and the convenience of popping down to the local shops for a pint of milk.

Motorcycles have been known to hold their resale value better than most used cars or used vans. If limited space is a factor at your home, then owning a motorcycle will be the most likely benefit for home parking.

So we’ve gathered that owning a motorcycle is cheaper and better for the environment. It’s also great for heavy traffic and there is the cool factor too. But the key points in this blog about whether cars are better than motorcycles, can easily be summed up in one sentence. If you have an accident between a motorcycle and a car, the motorcycle rider is 27 times more likely to be injured. Driving a car will give you more luggage space, which will be a lot more comfortable than having to wear a backpack. You also are completely protected from all elements of the weather. With this in mind, you can probably do more miles in the car because of this and longer journeys are more comfortable, without suffering from long term motorbike fatigue.

One final general thing to know, cars tend to have a longer shelf life than motorcycles.

In summing it up, the key factor to consider when choosing between the two is, safety. This has to be considered the most important thing of all, but the ultimate decision will be down to each individual case.

At Best Price Car Sales, we only specialise in good quality used cars and used vans. (we do stock one custom made Triumph bike!) However, with our vast selection of stock, ranging from small to large used cars, used MPVs, used SUVs, used 4x4s, we are able to provide the right used car or used van at the right price and all our vehicles come with a full warranty. Don’t worry if you already have a car, we can also buy it off you and in most cases, pay off any existing car finance on your vehicle. Because we advertise across the UK, we offer free delivery to your home or place of work, keeping inline with social distancing. We have one of the biggest portfolios of lenders in the industry, which means in most cases we’re able to provide you with car financing at highly competitive interest rates.

For further information, call us now and speak to one of our friendly advisors on 02382 544 186 or click here to get instant approval and drive away a new used car or used van today.


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