5 used cars with best voice-activated controls

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5 used cars with best voice-activated controls
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Probably one of the coolest features you can get in your car, is voice activation controls. It’s even better if it works seamlessly in front of anyone who happens to be sitting in the car with you. At Best Price Car Sales, we have selected 5 used cars with what we think are the best and most robust voice activation functionality.

Most voice control features in cars are designed and set up to cut down on car accidents caused by the driver being distracted whilst driving. In the past, this feature used to be for top of the range cars, or cars where you’ve had to pay a premium to get it installed as an optional extra.

Here are 5 used cars which have some great voice activated features.

Ford Focus S (2017 – )
With its factory fitted Sync technology, the voice activated controls of the Ford Focus S gives you the ability to make hands-free phone calls, control your music, with voice commands like ‘play next track’ or even name the artist you’d like to listen to. Additional features, like mute music and read out incoming text messages is also as standard.

Toyota Corolla L (2017 – )
The Toyota Corolla L has a very robust voice control recognition system, enabling its users to call up menu options, such as ‘Go to Communications’, ‘Go to SMS’, ‘Go to radio’, and then you’re able to name a specific radio station of your choice. Reliable and easy to use.

Dodge Charger SE (2017 – )
Like with most voice activation in-car systems, the functionality works better once your smartphone is linked up via Bluetooth. The Dodge Charger allows you via Uconnect to call up Siri through iPhone or “Hey Google” through Android phones. Having both these systems, offers you an array of options, from weather forecasts to up to the minute traffic reports.

Honda Civic Touring (2017 – )
Classed as an extremely reliable vehicle, which is also very affordable for most drivers looking for a very decent car, with a modest budget. The voice activation function is also very handy and of high quality, so in most cases you won’t find the need in having to repeat yourself. You’re able to switch on music, climate control, satellite navigation and other functions which would normally need your full attention while you are driving.

Mazda 3 Sport (2017 – )
The Mazda 3 Sport 2017 model is probably the best value for money car in our selection. Voice control function can give you full access to the infotainment system, meaning naming the tracks you want played, selecting a radio station, volume functions, and even sending text messages without taking your hands off the wheel or being distracted by having to read to check incoming or outgoing sms messages.

Things can only get better
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