5 Best Used Convertibles

09/06/2021 / Comments 0 / 525 / News 2021
5 Best Used Convertibles
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Summertime has finally arrived, we’ve survived what we hope is the worst of the pandemic. We now have Euro 2020, with bars and pubs opening back up and it’s the start of sunny days and great days out in the car.

What better way to make the most of this sunny climate than to start thinking about purchasing a great used convertible car. Best Price Car Sales has come up with what we feel is our best selection of value for money, affordable convertible used cars.

These are our choices for the top 5 best used cars to choose from and hopefully, you’ll be driving one of them before the summer and good times come to an end for another year.

1. Mercedes-Benz E- Class Convertible

Probably out of the five we’ve selected, this used car is the best looking. With Mercedes, you’re almost guaranteed to get a high-quality build and some clever features, like having the occupants shielded from draughts and wind, but kept warm inside when the roof’s down. Also helps if you want to enjoy your music or have a decent conversation without the need to raise your voices or shout.

2. Mini Convertible

As the name suggests, this used car is really great fun for two people to really enjoy due to its compact size. With its limited boot space, you’ll probably be using this as a fun runaround or for nice weekend breaks. As with all Minis, the build quality is first class and for the price, this used car is a great bargain, and we know where you can get bargains.

3. Volkswagen Golf Convertible

As always, Volkswagen has another cabriolet that is practical, cost-effective, and offers great performance all around. The beauty of this used car is it’s spacious at the front and back too but to top it off, it offers excellent ride and road handling. The prices for this used car model are affordable too.

4. Audi TT Convertible

The car for two is something we would describe this car as being. Make sure that when you are selecting any used convertible car that you think of practicability and your medium to long-term plans. This used car represents exceptional value for money for the performance and stature its reputation holds on the UK roads. The second-generation TTs offer quite a large range of options, such as two to four-wheel drive, petrol, or diesel but also look out for the fitted optional extras if you decide to have us source the right car for you.

5. Mazda MX-5 Convertible

Another used car suitable for those who only want two seats but this is a car that is very stylish, reliable, and a great drive. Out of the 5 we’ve selected, this used car is probably the best and our favourite too. Not only will you be owning an exceptional used convertible, but this car is also just superb in all categories, and a great used car bargain too.

With Best Price Car Sales one-stop-shop facilities, you can have any of our selected used convertible cars normally on your doorstep within 3 days. Or if you can’t see the used car you like on our website, we even have a car sourcing service, which aims to find the right car for you within 24 hours and have any used car you choose delivered free of charge to your home or place of work.

If you need to arrange for part-exchange, we can do that too. We will even look at settling your existing finance and arrange a new car finance arrangement which will be suitable for you. For more information on our current used car selection, deals, and offers, call us now to speak with one of our friendly advisors on 02382 549 222, or click here to apply now for instant car finance and get approved today.


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