5 Best Cars For Young Beginner Drivers

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 395 / News 2019
5 Best Cars For Young Beginner Drivers
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You’ve done the theory, passed the test, and the starter has just dropped his flag. You’re a real driver at last! Pop open the champagne and party, party, party!

But step back for a minute before you hit the pedal to the metal and speed off into the sunset because no matter how hard, or easy, it was for you to get your license, there will be more challenges for you from this point on!

Ask anyone about their first car and they will remember this magical moment no matter how long ago it happened but there could well have been some pain that went with it. A faulty battery, a broken exhaust, and maybe even a broken engine.

Here we will try and save some pain with our five best cars for young beginner drivers.

If you’re on a tight budget this might not be the most cost-effective option but it could well turn out to be an unforgettable dream first car. As a kid, if you drove go-karts, the mini provides a similar experience with its low centre of gravity. It’s a fun car to drive.

If the Mini has a cute sexiness about it then the Volkswagen Polo could be considered as more marriage material with its outstanding quality, lasting value, and elegant appearance. This car might not be the most electrifying in our list but it ticks many boxes including superb reliability.

Selecting a Ford Fiesta is a bit of a no brainer as this car has been popular with households for many years. In terms of small car popularity, the Ford Fiesta holds its own very well and is one of the UK’s best-selling cars. Another fun drive packed with fantastic features.

If you’re looking a bit of sporty spice then look no further than the Kia Picanto which ticks the sporty look box. Functions in a frisky manner without forfeiting all the no-nonsense functional features.

We started with the maybe not so cost-effective Mini and end with the Toyota Aygo which is probably at the other end of the scale. The Toyota Aygo ticks the boxes for insurance options, road tax, and fuel economy.

Here we’ve showcased five used car ideas for beginner drivers to consider before hitting the roads in the UK and even Europe. They all have their own unique qualities and will provide beginner driving memories that will stay with you for life!

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