4 Signs that show that it is time to get a new car

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4 Signs that show that it is time to get a new car
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Like the saying in the automobile industry says: “If you don’t turn to look at your car after you have parked, then you have chosen the wrong car”. What happens though when you have chosen the right car, the one that you turn and look at it again and again after you have parked but despite that, the signs show you that it is probably time to change it.

Most of us would not want to be in a position that we would have to change our cars even if everything indicates that we have to. We would probably try to avoid it until there is no choice. And that is because we connect with our car, as in addition to a means of transportation, we see it as a vehicle that we share experiences with. It is with us and accompanies us in some of our most beautiful
moments, such as travelling with our children but also in our most ordinary moments, it is part of our daily lives. But what happens when we have to change our car and what are the possible reasons that would lead us to make that decision?

Aside from the emotional attachment one may have to one’s vehicle, at the end of the day what one has to answer is a pretty simple but important question: is it in my best interest to keep this car?

As the years go by, a car can become uneconomical. The reason for that is in addition to the reliability and maintenance that can vary from vehicle to vehicle, it makes sense that some fixed costs increase year by year and regular services are becoming even more regular. Especially if we add to this equation daily use of the car and the fact that the warranty has expired, an old car may become too costly and harmful to your pockets.

Modern engines are always evolving when it comes to fuel consumption and efficiency. In addition to the much lower fuel consumption – which translates into significant amortization – they are increasingly equipped with downsized engines that perform better overall.

Very often, our tendency to idealize everything that belongs in the past makes us also idealize an old vehicle as usually, we identify it with our lives and our experiences in the period we owned it. And while the looks in many new models can often appear “alien” as a result of the new futuristic trend that many car manufacturers subscribe to, also including the fact that new cars tend to look more and more like each other losing their uniqueness and their special character, one thing is undoubtedly
improving in each new generation of cars. That is SAFETY. Just look up and watch crash tests from cars dating back to let’s say the 90s or early 2000s and then watch crash tests from cars from the early to mid-2010’s so that you can ask yourself, would you trust yourself or your family in a car with outdated safety technology?

Besides the external appearance and the connection you may have built with it, as we also mentioned in the introduction, the average driver spends most of his time inside his car rather than outside of it. Consequently, the interior of the car must be matching the attractiveness of the external appearance of a car. And I am not talking about ergonomics or the instrument panel, but about the overall feeling that the car gives you. Seeing that there are many people who are content with the appearance of an older car and it doesn’t alienate them I can attest that there are also many that wouldn’t be content with the interior of an older car versus the interior of a newer car. Who wouldn’t want an interior that distracts them from the boredom of everyday traffic, giving them more
information and opportunities to “play” with it? Only if you drive one car with a modern multimedia screen, you understand the convenience and entertainment that it could provide you.

Unfortunately or fortunately, a car is one of the products with the highest depreciation rate. This is one of the major reasons that make the used car market more cost-effective as most cars who are out in the used car marketplace have already lost a significant part of their original value and therefore are more affordable to the average consumer. The biggest question is, when is the right time to sell your used car and how to secure the smallest
possible losses? This is something that differs from car to car and from generation to generation, however, you can easily draw some simple conclusions using logic.A new car loses an average of around 15% to 30% of its original value within the first year of purchase, a number that can skyrocket up to 50% within the first three years. Obviously, when you buy a new car, you do not have percentages in your mind neither you come up with math formulas to sell it at the right time with the lowest loss, nevertheless, it is something useful to keep in the back of your mind especially if you do not want to get “married” to your car.

We know that changing your car is a decision that we all very often postpone until there is no choice left. Even if it makes our life less comfortable, we bond emotionally with it as it has contributed to many beautiful highlights of our lives and is part of our daily routine. At the end of the day, what we have to think about is whether and to what extent our car does fulfil the role it was originally built for: making our lives easier and more convenient in every way!

At Best Price Car Sales, we always keep in our stock, used cars whose interior is in phenomenal condition. When we acquire new used cars, we always try to get the newest used cars at the best possible price, just so we can offer the most convenient and enjoyable used cars one can find in the United Kingdom. If we do not have a particular car that you are searching for, we would happily source it for you by utilizing our enormous national network of the best car suppliers that one find in the UK.

Additionally, we provide you with a free nationwide delivery at your doorstep or any address you would like us to deliver your new used car or used van at. Once it arrives, you will be able to inspect your new automobile and give it a test drive. Only after you have received it and you are pleased with it, you would have to proceed with the payment. We provide you with the options to either pay cash, pay via bank transfer or instant car finance.

For more information, contact our attentive advisors on 02382 544 186 or for instant car finance approval, click here now.


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