3 Great UK Tourist Attractions

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3 Great UK Tourist Attractions
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Normally in the UK, just as spring draws to a close, most of the UK population will be seeking ideas for sightseeing places to go in the UK. They’ll be checking out the best deals, offers, packages, and places to go throughout the United Kingdom.

Fingers crossed, next year we’ll be back to some normality again, and hopefully, we can treat our family for great days out like we did months ago. For now, let’s make do with some great suggestions and bookmark this page for 2021.

The first contender for 2021 for a great attraction to see is;

Warner Bros. Studio London
Now classed as an iconic attraction to visit due to its magical film status. What child or adult wouldn’t want to see where one of the biggest blockbusters in cinematic history was filmed? Yes, the Harry Potter series.

With this 7-hour tour program, you’ll get to see the sets, props, costumes and an insight into how the special effects were made for all the movies shot at this location. You also get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the amazing animatronics. And to top it all off, full refreshments and souvenirs will be available to buy at the shops located on this massive entertainment complex.

City Sightseeing In Bath
Often described as the most beautiful city in the whole of the United Kingdom. Mainly down to its Roman architecture and Christmas lights. You can’t visit Bath without seeing the famous Roman Baths, which are world-renowned.

The best way to see this city is on the hop-on / hop-off city tour buses. Your ticket will be valid for 24 hours and you’re given the chance to see the whole city at your leisure for one single price. This includes the River Avon and Great Putney Bridge and for the whole tour, you’ll get a full audio tour commentary of the city and a panoramic view onboard your double-decker tour bus.

Tower Of London
Not only is this world-renowned for many hundreds of years, but it’s also the dark history, rumours, and its old wives tales that make this probably one of the most famous sights to see in London. To begin with, the Tower Of London is guarded by the classically dressed Beefeaters who also like to be referred to as Yeoman Warders. A little secret, call them the latter and you’ll be treated extra special.

And what’s really being guarded 24/7 are the Crown Jewels, housing the monarchy’s most exquisite treasures. This itself is reason enough to visit the Tower. And of course, to hear about the ghoulish stories of executions and centuries-old ghosts who roam the grounds. Overall a highly enjoyable day out for the whole family, no matter what the ages.

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