3 best ways to survive lockdown

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 498 / News 2021
3 best ways to survive lockdown
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Do you remember when the first lockdown occurred? For the first few weeks we enjoyed the freedom of not having to go and work and being able to take time off school or not having to do the daily commute, and having that extra hour in bed. But after time, the days and nights started to drag and drag. Eventually we were all hoping to see the end of Covid as soon as possible, and when things finally started to improve, the second wave struck.

Here at Best Price Cars, we’ve done some research and put together 3 tips and ideas on how you can cope in the latest lockdown, and come out of the other side with some sanity still intact.

We all know that in January, the gyms do their best business with sign ups and long term commitments, and yes we fully understand, the majority of us, it’s often a waste of money by March! The goal now that we’re stuck at home is to get as much movement as possible, so going outside for a daily walk, will not only help you physically, but mentally too. With the latest rules set for Jan 2021, you are allowed to exercise or walk with one other person, so try to find a companion if you can.

Mental Health
Staying on the subject of mental health, this is probably the most vital aspect of surviving a lockdown. Start getting into positive routines like making your bed every morning as soon as you’re up, or taking a relaxing bath with added time to have a soak and chill out. Try and get out of negative habits, like scrolling through your social media timelines constantly. Chat with special people in your life who make you feel good, or if you’re in a position to, just send a quick hello to people who you know are not coping as well as you are. Give yourself goals, like reading a set amount of chapters in a book, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or finishing stage 3 of Call of Duty!

This is the part where you have to be totally honest with yourself and really start monitoring your alcohol intake. The worst thing you can do is keep cracking open a can of Special Brew every time you feel bored in front of the TV.  The best solution is to remove alcohol from your house and swap booze for healthier alternatives. Maybe buy something to go with your Sunday roast. This is something to be very mindful about. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend or partner to be honest with you about your consumption, just so you know you are staying on top of it.

The only consolation to this current situation is, we’re all in this together. The majority of the country is going through all the same stresses and strains and some are coping better than others. The positive thing is, we know this will not last forever, we now know there’s a vaccine currently available and in the process of being rolled out. The prospects are looking a lot better than the lockdown of 2020.

The population will soon be in a position to go about their normal lives and possibly adapt to some new ways of living in the future. The same will be the case at Best Price Car Sales. We have learnt the lessons of the past lockdown, and adapted to still be open and of service in this current one. This is mainly by investing in a fully contactless service, adhering to government social distancing measures and providing access to hundreds of used cars and used vans, through our nationwide operational network, to ensure every customer in England and Wales can be provided with a free delivery of their newly purchased used car or used van at their home or place of work.

To find out more about what Best Price Cars can provide you with during the current lockdown, including a part exchange valuation which is done over the phone and instant car finance approval, either call 02382 544 186 to speak with one of our friendly advisors or click here to apply for instant car finance approval now.

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