Best used estate cars

37 / News 2022

When it comes to practicality, buying a used estate car isn’t a bad idea at all. Used estate cars are more or less around the same price point as a hatchback or saloon car but have a much bigger load carrying space and cost only a little bit more to run as well.

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Some good news on electric car prices

40 / News 2022

Plans have been made by the Department of Transport, that by 2028 all new cars sold in the UK will be fully electric, this will ensure the prices for electric vehicles (EV) to drop dramatically. This will be good news for car buyers concerned about the current cost of brand new electric cars. 

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The Best Used crossovers and SUVs

83 / News 2022

Who doesn’t love sitting in a high driving position, spacious, and comfortable car? Most of us do, hence why used SUVs and used crossovers are becoming even more popular in the used car market. Not only do they make great family cars, but they’re also extremely practical and generally robust too. One noticeable thing about driving a used SUV and a used crossover are that you do have a more commanding view and a definite sense of height and safety.

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Five questions answered about electric cars

43 / News 2022

You may not all know this but in less than eight years’ time, the government will be banning the sale of all new fossil fuel cars, such as petrol and diesel cars and vans. This is the only way the UK will be expected to achieve the zero-emissions target which is set for 2050. This means in order for the government to fulfill this promise, the expansion of public charging points across the UK will need to be expanded to 300,000.

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