Best rules to follow when buying a used car

62 / News 2022

Being an established family-run used car dealership for over 6 years, we have come across a lot of issues our customers have gone through, and in some cases, we have assisted them, so they come out on top.

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Mistakes to avoid when spring cleaning your car

67 / News 2022

We all know it doesn’t hurt to give your car a good spring cleaning every so often.This not only makes you thoroughly proud of your nice clean car but also gets rid of any ground in dirt that builds up over time.

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New solar point electric car chargers

48 / News 2022

Rushcliffe Borough Council has recently announced the launch of a new solar-powered charge hub that can charge up to 100 electric vehicles a day. The hub has been installed in the car park of Gamston Community Centre in Nottinghamshire. 

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