Electric vehicle Centre of Excellence opens

124 / News 2021
image of three gentleman cutting a ceremonial ribbon

The brand new Centre of Excellence has officially opened in Milton Keynes, which aims to provide “world-class technical expertise” in the car manufacturing sector. The site will be run by Intertek Group, with the focus being to help any car manufacturer making hybrid or electric vehicles to “accelerate their equipment and systems capabilities”.

The centre was opened by the Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart, alongside Andre Lacroix, the chief executive of Intertek Group, who said electric vehicles had a “pivotal role to play” in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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All new buildings in England to have electric car charge points from 2022

111 / News 2021
image of a woman charging an electric car outside home

Are you an electric vehicle driver planning to buy a newly built home? All new homes and buildings in the UK will be required by law to provide and install electric vehicle charging points. New-build supermarkets, workplaces and buildings undergoing major renovations will also come under the new law. This decision comes as a further step in the switch to electric vehicles by 2030, when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned. 

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New build homes to have EV charging fitted as standard

95 / News 2021
image of newly built houses in final stage of construction

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has recently announced that all new-build homes will be required to have Electric Vehicle charging stations installed from 2022. This has come about with the government banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans by the year 2030. Hybrids will be available for sale until 2035.

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92 / News 2021
image of two red London double decker buses

Transport for London has revealed that because of the higher than expected surge in drivers switching from non-compliance ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) cars to Ulez compliant vehicles, the forecast revenue that was expected to generate for the TFL has dropped dramatically. Initial figures were a daily revenue stream of approximately £2m a day. This would have been generated by a mixture of levies and £130 fines for non-compliance or failure to pay charges as enforced. 

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NI awarded £3.37m electric charger funding

113 / News 2021
image of a charging point for electric vehicles

ESB which is the company that operates the electric vehicle charging network for Northern Ireland has been awarded the government’s Levelling Up Fund of £3.37m which has been set up to support infrastructure projects such as electric car Charge Points. Northern Ireland up to now has been the only part of the UK which had yet to apply for government funding. 

A statement from ESB announced their mission will be to expand and enhance the EV charging network. This will also mean the introduction of the high-power 200kW charging, which will be a first in Northern Ireland. ESB plans to install five high-power charging stations in strategic locations throughout Northern Ireland.

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