Rolls Royce is going electric

348 / News 2021
image of an electric rolls royce surrounded by smoke

You know the world is about to change when you see an announcement by Rolls Royce to say they are launching a fully electric car and they will be only selling electric cars by their target date of 2030. Meaning the end of petrol and diesel production cars within 9 years. To get a better understanding of how big this news is, it’s regarded in the industry as its biggest gear change for the luxury carmaker in its 117-year history.

The groundbreaking launch of its all-new, all-electric car called the Spectre will change the outlook of the prestigious carmaker. The Spectre will be a zero-emissions electric car scheduled to be in production in 2023. BMW, the parent company of Rolls Royce had previously introduced their first all-electric SUV called the BMW iX.

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