Using Technology To Beat The COVID-19 Lockdown When Buying A Car

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Using Technology To Beat The COVID-19 Lockdown When Buying A Car

At Southampton-based Best Price Car Sales we are still working tirelessly to support our customers in the safest and best possible way we can inline with the latest Government advice.

We Have Adapted Our Process
Of course, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on the way we all think and act as safety is paramount and social distancing has to be followed to the maximum.

The guidelines were that we had to close our showrooms and dealerships from the 23rd of March and we immediately followed that direction with our staff all advised to stay at home and only go outside as per the Government instructions.

Online Service
At Best Price, we’ve had an ‘Online Service’ for quite some time and this fits in well with our business model which is to support our customers that are located all over the UK. Yes, we’ve had to close our showrooms but this doesn’t really impact our business in a massive way because many of our customers never visit our showrooms anyway.

Since the 23 of March, we have retweaked our process so that our staff can work at home. We’ve made sure they all have a good internet connection and they all have mobile phones. We also have WhatsApp groups for communications.

Key Workers
Despite our company, not officially classified as in the ‘Key Worker’ sector, we are getting a lot of requests from Key Workers who need our help and they are benefiting from our online service. Key Workers need cars more than ever during this current situation as many can’t work without them

How We Deliver?
We aim to deliver with a total non-physical contact process.

All documents are signed online which means all the paperwork is dealt with electronically and there is no need for face to face meetings.

For the car delivery, we make sure that keys are disinfected along with everything else that is touched. Delivery drivers are dressed in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) clothing to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Staying Safe
The most important point is safety and we will always make that our priority.

We can show you cars, with online pictures and videos, which provides you with a virtual idea and then we can deliver. At this point test drives can be taken and cars rejected if there are any problems.

We’re still here to help get you on the road so please let us know if you have any questions.

If you need a newer vehicle we can help you at Best Price Car Sales where we probably have some of the best-used cars and best-used vans in the UK.

We also provide a full service that takes away all the hassle of car purchases for you and we tick a lot of boxes:

If you need a used car we will find you one.
If you need a used van we will find you one.
If you need a car loan we will find you one.
Wherever you live in the UK we will deliver free of charge to your doorstep.
Bad Credit. If you think you have bad credit we can still help. Let us put your credit to the test.

Places to see within 25 miles of London

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Places to see within 25 miles of London

Sporting enthusiasts are in for a real sporting bonanza in and around the London area with a fantastic mix of different sports being staged in many of the world’s most famous sporting locations.

Wembley Stadium – It’s impossible to talk about London’s prime sporting locations without mentioning one of London’s most iconic sporting venues located in Wembley Park, London.

First opened in April 1923 and between then and October 2000 tears and joy and sadness were shared by millions of fans as they witnessed their teams tasting victory and suffering defeat.

July 1966 England’s football team won the coveted men’s world cup final at Wembley for the only time with a 4-2 win over West Germany which included a piece of commentary from the BBC’s late Kenneth Wolstenholme which in today’s language ‘Went Viral.’

“Some of the crowd are on the pitch. They think it’s all over.” Followed by. “It is now.” As Geoff Hurst’s left foot shot clattered into West Germany’s net.

Wembley’s also hosted some huge boxing events from the late Sir Henry Cooper vs the late Cassius Clay in 1963 to Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko in 2017. Clay, who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali, won as he predicted the 5th round whilst Joshua delivered a devasting uppercut in the 11th round to take the heavyweight title.

Wembley closed in October 2000 for an upgrade, reopened again in March 2009 with capacity now of 90,000, and has retained its magic as one of the world’s elite sporting locations.


The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Opened in April 2019 this stadium, with the entire cost for this project a cool £1 billion, has a capacity of 62,303 and is now regarded as one of the best in the world. There were delays, and many creditors had concerns about being paid as the project went over budget, but questions about bad credit were soon resolved.


The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club – Located in Wimbledon and is well known as being one of the ‘Big Grand Slam’ tennis events of the tennis calendar year. It’s also the only Grand Slam played on grass and opened in July 1868.


Lord’s Cricket Ground – Located in St John’s Wood and is knee-deep in cricket history having been established since 1814. 30,000 fans pack the ground for England test matches.


The Twickenham Stadium – Located in Twickenham and is the venue to catch big England rugby union games. Opened in 1907, with a capacity of 82,000, many all swinging and singing along to Sweet Chariots of Fire!


Brand’s Hatch – Has been holding race meetings since the early 1930s and has hosted 12 British Grand Prix’s between 1964 and 1986. Nigel Mansell, CBE, holds the GP Race Lap Record with 1:09.593 in 1986 and paid off his car loans after winning this Grand Prix.


At Southampton-based Best Price Car Sales, we can help you as we’re all about taking all the stress out of car purchases with an all-around service from start to finish. Need a car? We tick that box. Car loans? We work with multiple finance companies and can find car loans for most customers so don’t worry if you think you have bad credit. For us, we challenge ourselves to smash all bad credit concerns out of the car park! And the icing on the cake is that we will deliver cars, anywhere in the UK, FREE OF CHARGE.

From top-class football, to high-speed motor racing, London has it all and at Best Price Car Sales we can help you get there.

Top Ten Things To Look For When Buying Used Cars

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Top Ten Things To Look For When Buying Used Cars

Used cars are not, as the expression ‘used’ might imply, cars that should be considered as inferior in quality. Car parts are manufactured with durability a big consideration and they can function efficiently for years and years after purchase with durable engines a prime example.

One of the main differences between purchasing new cars and used cars is cost-effectiveness with used cars a big advantage for people with limited budgets.

That said there are important factors that need to be considered before purchasing used cars:

  1. Homework. Like all things in life, if you want to learn about something, spend some time on homework before you make your purchase. Surf the internet. This is where you’re guaranteed to find some invaluable information related to the model you want to purchase.
  2.  Reviews. Use the internet again to check out a few reviews related to the model you’re interested in. This ties in nicely with homework.
  3.  What Suits You. This is important and you do need to consider your current circumstances. Someone with a playboy image might go for used cars like open-top sporty models but that might not work for a family. Go for a good match that suits you now.
  4. Your Budget. Yes, the B-word is important in life and so important when considering used cars. Do the numbers so you know exactly how much you can afford and there are car loans out there that can help. With car loans, you will need to look at all your monthly outgoings to determine your monthly car budget.
  5. Price Negotiation. When considering used cars you don’t always have to agree to the price stuck on the car windscreen. Use it as a negotiation guideline and don’t let it intimidate you as you’re looking for the best possible deal for yourself.
  6. Test Drive. Make sure you get in the driving seat and take the car for a spin before you sign off on it. You need to be sure the car handles to your particular driving style.
  7. Professional Inspection. There’s a good chance that when you open a car bonnet you don’t know what you’re looking for. Everything might look clean and tidy but that is not enough so make sure you have a professional mechanic with you to check everything out before you sign on the dotted line.
  8. Ownership Validation. You need to determine that the person selling you the car is the real owner. With dealerships, this might not be that important but it is if you are purchasing from an individual. Make sure they are the real owner.
  9. Check Vehicle History. Used cars have histories that need to be checked as they could provide insight into what could happen in the future.
  10. Close The Deal. Make sure you have all the relevant paperwork in order and signed off. This will include warranties, ownership, and any other relevant documents. It’s important here to take your time and not be rushed into anything as you could suffer later. Handshakes are not enough.

Used cars are a superb option for car users and a great asset to help drivers to complete their daily tasks. This could be from getting to and from work and shopping, to vacations both in the UK and overseas.

But take your time before you purchase, try to follow the ten golden rules, and don’t be rushed into anything by overzealous salesmen. Car Loans At Southampton based Best Price Car Sales

For drivers looking for used cars, or used vans and car loans, we have that perfect combination at Best Price Car Sales. We have some of the best-used cars and used vans in the UK and we can find you the perfect used vehicle.

But we strive to do more and that’s where car loans come into the mix. Car loans are very much part of our service and don’t let bad credit deter you. If you think you have bad credit let us put that to the test for you.

At Best Price, we will help you find the right car and we will find you finance for that car even if you are concerned that you have bad credit.  We will also deliver your car to your doorstep, anywhere in the UK, free of charge.

5 Best Cars For Young Beginner Drivers

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5 Best Cars For Young Beginner Drivers

You’ve done the theory, passed the test, and the starter has just dropped his flag. You’re a real driver at last! Pop open the champagne and party, party, party!

But step back for a minute before you hit the pedal to the metal and speed off into the sunset because no matter how hard, or easy, it was for you to get your license, there will be more challenges for you from this point on!

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Seasonal Variances

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Seasonal Variances

With used cars and used vans markets there are high and low seasons with low seasons a prime time for bargain hunting.

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